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   Rejuvanessence A.L.T ©
   Face-lifting massage

A mild and effective holistic face lifting massage

• Do you want to have a more relaxed and lively expression on your face

• Do you have small lines and wrinkles that annoy you

• Do you feel tightness and even soreness in the muscles of your cheeks and jaw?

Rejuvanessence A.L.T tecnique is a gentle connectivetissue massage that helps you in a natural way.

During the treatment you relax under a blanket on a massagebench and enjoy the gentle touch of fingertips on your face, neck and scalp without creams or machines.

After the treatment you not only look better, you also feel relaxed and have a sense of wellbeing in your whole body.

Your face is the mirror of your soul!

  Special Internet Offer!

Try the treatment now for only 50€ (normal price 60€). The offer is valid for all treatments. Make your booking per telephone or email.


Rejuvanessece A.L.T © • gives you a fresh and relaxed facialexpression

• makes your skin firmer and clearer

• releases tension and irons out wrinkles

• removes signs of stress, worries and aging from your face

there are six different treatments and for best results the whole series is recomended. One treatment takes about an hour and costs 60 euros. _________________________________________

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● For more information about the technique visit: www.stanleyrosenberg.com click english and then face-lifting massage

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   and a heart issue for me

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